9/24 Slay! Werk! Bewts! Lavender Birthday Edition w/ p1nkstar, Brigitte Bandit, Salem Ofax, Michelle Grant, Bohemia & Gerard Gay (6PM)

9/23 Howdy Gals Presents Shooks, Baldie Loxx, Flora & Fawna, Night Cap & DJ Sets by Paris Aden

9/22 Contrast Film Festival Presents Ariel Zetina, Erica Nix, Sawyer Stoltz, Sarah Sherman & more

9/20 Release: Rebuilding Trust Book Release with Morgan Johnson (6PM)

9/18 No Bottoms Sundays with Brigitte Bandit, Noodles, Petty Brooks, Tatiana Cholula & Pam Dulce (6PM)

9/17 Pantheon: Night of 1000 Gothesses with HERMAJESTIE THE HUNG, Patty La Melt, Nicotine, JotoMagico, Amber Nicole Davenport & more

9/16 1-800-Tropics: A Mexican Independence Party with Scam Likely, Franky L’Amour, Eva Inez, Basüra Mykels Arinna Dior Heys, Celia Light, BRANDiX & more

9/15 National Hispanic Heritage Month with DJs Salem Ofax & RUUEX, The Tiaras & Drag Show Celebration

9/13 HAAM Day with p1nkstar, alexalone, Indoor Creature & Body Pillow

9/11 Y 2 SLAY with Orya & Christy Ray (9PM)