7/14 Soft Serve: A Celebration of R&B Music with Gothess Jasmine, Omari Dior, FRANKIMARZ & BabiBoi (9PM)

7/14 DJ Sets by WY (7:30PM)

7/13 YEE HOTTIE! Megan Thee Stallion Tribute Night with DJs Bad Apple, HyperFemme & Orya (9PM)


7/13 Melanin Magic with Diamond Dior Davenport, Amber Nicole Davenport, Arinna, Marilyn Williams, Omari Dior, Mya Wesley, Yvonne D’Amour & Monica Monae Davenport (8PM)

7/12 Club Coma Single Release with TC Superstar, Dossey (Single Release), Genuine Leather, Vermin the Villain, HOT///CAKES & Street Peach (8PM)

7/12 RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars with Miss Good & Chique Fil-Atio (6PM)

7/11 2010s Pop Divas with Cassie Opeia, Lawrie Bird, Cosmic Danger, Sinful Purchase, Owie, Zgi Zgi, Damiana Divine, Lilith Azazel, Shitonya Face, Tiny Taurus & DJ Turito (10PM)

7/11 Might Be Magic Presents Local Love with Marcus Lott, Bonnie Stoneman & Brett Johnson (9PM)

7/9 The Bachelorette Viewing Party with Diamond Dior Davenport, Kino Kino, Gender Destruction & DJ deadlao5 (8PM)

7/9 Happen Twice Residency with Nova, Vermella, Elday & the Invisible Objects & Vintage Pics (San Antonio)