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Calendar of Events
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5/27 Buzz Electro, Trace of Lime, Freak Fingers

5/28 Sasha and the Valentines EP Release, Vonne, The Millbrook Estates

5/29 Super Thief, Blessed (Abbotsford), Slaughterstein, 2069 (9PM)

5/29 Dude Elsberry, Justus Proffit, Cryogeyser, Blair Robbins

5/30 Neon Rainbows 90’s Country Night with DJ GirlFriend ATX (10PM)

5/30 Greetings From Queer Mountain Episode 73: Lost & Found (9PM)

5/31 March and Beauty Single Release with Poly Action, Dossey, Obsolete Machines

6/1 Queer Up Charlies: Pride Edition with DJs Chorizo Funk, Dylan Reece, Mouthfeel, Winona Grindr & Lamar

6/2 Malion Tour Kickoff with Dirtpile, Screamin’ J, Garbage Wives

6/3 Pelvis Wrestley, Briana Marela, Tåsi

6/4 Mary Bryce, Emily Whetstone, Jammy Violet, Christelle Bofale

6/5 Moist Flesh Record Release with Minimal Animal, Chronophage, Rattlesnake Milk

6/6 Go Fever, Claire Morales (Denton), Van Mary, Being Dead

6/7 Drip Drop 6: Austin Black Pride Weekend Edition with DJ Nevolution & Nneka

6/8 Homo Depot 2019: Pride Edition with DJs GirlFriend ATX, Dr. Bread, Saakred, De La O (San Antonio)

6/9 Dykes You Should Know Performances, Gretchen Phillips Tribute Band, Pico Ferard, DJs JD Sampson & Mouthfeel (2PM)

6/9 Karaoke Underground (9PM)

6/10 Mean Jolene, Haybaby (Brooklyn), Most Likely, Fanclub


6/12 Half Baked: Pride Edition with Ruby Knight, Tatiana Cholula, Mandy Quinn, Rhonda Jewels, Cherry Haze, Noodles

6/13 Darkbird, Daphne Tunes, The Lovely Sparrows, Royal Forest

6/14 BATHHØUSE, K23, IIdols, L.Violet, DJs Private Service, Scorpio

6/15 Bill Ball 4 with Big Bill, Moving Panoramas, MajorMajorMajor, Glaze, Caroline Says, Hey Cowboy, Pelvis Wrestley, Space Kiddettes (Houston), Space Heat

6/16 Lizzy Caroloke Country-oke

6/17 Foxtales, Most Modern, SOBBRS

6/18 Fehrenbacher, Michael Bain, Western Threads

6/19 Tortuga Shades Single Release with Lady Chops & the Goddamn Jam

6/20 A Benefit for Girls Rock Austin with Ladyfang, The Sophies, Mode Dodeca, Dirt Pile

6/21 Formant XIX: A Night of UK Garage & Deep Tech with ThatHitMaker, Ben Jester & Cozymason

6/21 Access Control 0.02: Hentaii, Y2K, p1nkstar, DJs La Morena & Yyyn0t

6/22 Mobley Signing Party with FIX8, Kae Astra, DJ Kidmonks

6/22 Tyler Jordan and the Negative Space, Mean Jolene, Caroline Says, Très Oui


6/24 Lizzy Caroloke: Austin’s Queerest Karaoke Night

6/24 Luvweb, Garbage Wives, Digital Hotdogs

6/25 Robby, Van Mary, Dorio

6/26 Sasha and the Valentines, Pro Teens (Phoenix), Man Woman Friend Computer (10PM)

6/26 Greetings From Queer Mountain Episode 74: Stand Up, Fight Back! (9PM)

6/27 Lunitas, The Vegetable Kingdom, swwwisha, DJ Lightworks

6/28 Löwin, Yukon Gold, Star Parks, Zettajoule

6/29 Willis McClung Tribute with Sleep Good, Thanks Light, Kacey Johansing and Bill Baird (6PM)

6/30 Little Mazarn, Teddy Glass, Red Steppes (Brooklyn), Kellen

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