3/23 DreamGaze ATX II with Grivo, Blushing, Vet Trip, Daze, Fun with Ether

3/22 DreamGaze ATX II with Slow Crush, Highlands, Trauma Ray, Glare, Angel Aura

3/21 Nite School with Karger Traum, Windows1995, Deep Cross, Moze Pray, DJs Bill Converse, Scorpio

3/20 EQUINOXX Spring Break Dance with DJs Breezah & Lolo (9PM)

3/19 — CLOSED —

3/16 AdHoc Unofficial SXSW Showcase with Marked Men, DJ Taye, Mystery Lights, Tiny Jag, Her’s, Yves Jarvis, Anemone, Miya Folick, Video Age, Boy Scouts, Fury, Gia Margaret

3/16 Quit Your Day Job Official SXSW Showcase with Har Mar Superstar, A Giant Dog, Good Fuck, Bambara, The Abjects, Native Sun, The Wants, The Medium, Public Practice, High Waisted, Pinky Pinky, Dropper, Big Joanie

3/15 AdHoc Free For All Unofficial SXSW Showcase with Public Practice, Pottery, Puma Blue, CHAI, Jerry Paper, Flint Eastwood, Stef Chura, Valley Maker, Barrie, Palberta, Tasha, Hovvdy

3/15 WolfieVibes Official SXSW Showcase with Foie Gras, A Deer A Horse, Termination Dust, It Was Romance, Taco Mouth, Mamalarky

3/15 Err;or NYC Official SXSW Showcase with Jvcki Wai, machìna, YAHYEL, COLDE, MKIT RAIN, Loopy nafla, Youngwest, niahn, DJ FLOJEE